Monday, April 28, 2014

Latest Email 4-28-14

All goes well in Tuxtla everybody! Working hard in Real de Bosque. Guess what? We had a baptism this saturday! It snuck up on us. We invited him tuesday, and he got baptized on Saturday. I will send a picture of him. His name is Jesus Francisco Gordillo CaƱas. He is 28 years old, and his wife is a member. She couldn't come to the baptism because she just had a baby, and is resting in her parent's home which is 3 hours away. Other things of the week. Well, Adriana finally accepted being baptized this coming week. Sergio's mom said that he could be baptized this week. And a kid that just turned 18 can get baptized this week as well, as his parents can no longer say no. Adriana's testimony has come a long way, and she now diffends her new religion, fighting against the lies of her catholic aunts and parents. 

The rainy season (which lasts a few months) is coming quickly. I Think it will be here in a few weeks, maybe less. One bad thing though, it smells really bad here, as people dump sewer water in the streets. We have a rat living in the area that we wash our clothes as well. He is the size of a chihuahua.

So all is good here, and it is really hot. A member served us some illegal food from the black market, and it was really gross. I felt bad afterword, because I have seen videos on the discovery channel about how people steal this stuff and it is causing them to go extinct. And... I ate... Turtle eggs that were raw! Yuck! They pop a hole in the top, put habenero sauce on top, some salt, and lemon, and then suck it down. Gross!

Love you All,
Elder Norris
                          Sunset with two of the youth members of  Real de Bosque.
                                    Turtle eggs!
                                              He will eat almost anything!
                                                          Sunset in Tuxtla.

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