Monday, April 28, 2014

Email from 3-31-2014

Things are going ok here! We didn't have the baptism with Francisco Calixto. He is military, and was sent to a different city hours before the baptism. He will be back tomorrow though. But I won't be able to baptize him now, as I am getting transferred to Tuxtla. One of our investigators, Cecilia, who wasn't allowed to come to church, just got permission from her husband to come this last Sunday! So she came. We (well,l Elder Salgado and someone else) are going to give her a baptismal date. She is so fun, and we are teaching her how to read. I have pictures of the baptism of the old woman. She was so happy after the baptism. She was talking a lot, but we didn't understand what she said. I love my investigators. Our investigator Rosalva came to church again too. She is a really nice 15 year old. A man named Alexander is progressing as well. His wife doesn't want him to go to church, but he is anyway. If he can get married, we can baptize him. I bought a guitar for around 20 dollars the other day. We are practicing hymns with it. We were going to do a special number for Francisco. I had Mole again. It had cookies and three types of pepper and banana in it this time as well. Oh, and a chicken foot! Ahh. A spider bit me on the foot as well. It is reacting a little bit badly. Love you! How is everything back home?

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