Monday, April 28, 2014

Email from 4-7-2014

Well, the people aren't so humble in Tuxtla, but we are teaching some fantastic people here! I will send you a picture of Henry (big guy) and Adriana and Rogelio, some of our investigators. They are great people, and we have tought them almost every day this week. They came to general conference in the stake center. It is kinda funny, general conference is kinda like the super bowl for missionaries. Well, Adriana had some doubts about some of the church doctrine, but had a testimony about the Book of Mormon, so I bore my testimony about the truth of the church, and the prophets, and told her to doubt her doubts before she doubts her faith. I went to the ruins this last monday! Super exciting.  I listened to all of general conference, and loved every darn minute of it! We have running water, but from a cistern in the ceiling. I had to climb to the roof and drop some chemicals in it to kill bugs that were living inside. We have a nicer fridge, but it is way hotter in this house! We have hammocks to sleep in as well. A cockroach climbed up my leg while I was taking a shower today. I did a pretty weird dance to get that thing off of me as fast as possible! I have lost a bit of weight though. Well, maybe that is a good thing! haha.
 (I forgot to ask him which ruins he went to see)  Great picture of the Elders there though!

 Henry (big guy) and Adriana and Rogelio

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