Monday, April 28, 2014

A Good Week ( mail from 3-24-2014)

Hey! We have a baptism this week! His name is Francisco Rodrigo Calixto De Mata. He is a soldier in the Mexican Army (ejercito Mexicano) and has been told since he joined that he shouldn't believe in God. Well, we got him to pray, and he has felt the love of God so powerfully in his life. He is a higher up in the army. they only have thirty three people with his position in the military in general. I don't know what it is though. Well, We had him kneel down in a lesson and ask God if what we were teaching was true, and he recieved his answer right in front of us. His eyes filled with tears. We tought him that lesson in the house of a less-active member, and she was crying after the prayer. She came to church on sunday too! Francisco came in a shirt and tie, and is one of like 8 people out of the 100 in the branch that actually wear a shirt and tie. We had two baptisms last week, two the week before, and will have two this week! I have been in Mexico for a Little over a month.

Crazy Little story, the other day we met a baptist missionary that has been in Chiapas for Five years. He is from Los Angeles. He told us he wanted to have a visit with us, and we agreed. We went to his house the other day, and he had with him the leader of a very prominent church in Ocosingo, the house of prayer. The leader bore his testimony for almost thirty five minutes, after which they had planned a drunk man to come in crying and spouting his problems. The preacher started trying to help him by quoting scripture, but the man just kept crying and telling his problems. I began to share scripture as well, galatians 5:22, Santiago 2: 17-20. I called him to repentance, and he stopped crying, and talked normally. The baptist missionary began to ask us questions about how we knew what we knew, and I testified of the Holy Ghost, told him we had to leave, and that if he wanted to hear our message, that he should not set up situations to try to prove them right, as we had the power of the priesthood, and the true authority of God. He asked us for wisdom, told us he wouldn't bring any more friends, and would just listen to our message. we are meeting with him on thursday. Hoorah!

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