Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Email from January 14, 2014

Elder Norris sent this and the Mission Newsletter from the previous post early on p-day. Can you tell by the last two sentences?
...Debbi drew me some pictures which was awesome, she drew me riding a jaguar with a book of Mormon in my hand. She drew me saying something very clever: " I can teach you about the book of Mormon or how to swing dance. Either way, you will turn out better". So funny! Turn out better spiritually, or turn out better as in the swing dance move. Ha!
Well, one of our investigators is getting married this Saturday, and she is getting baptized on the 25th. Looking forward to it. We also have two other investigators targeted for the 25th. It might be a big day for the ward. There is still snow on the ground here. Anything you want to know about the mission? I can't really think right now. I am about to go play laser tag!
Your Grandson,
Elder Norris

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